Why us

At InnSourcing, we look after all stages of the venue selection process in a more structured and professional manner.

We Research

We do the groundwork and identify the most suitable corporate Venues that would best satisfy your event requirements

We Present

We send you back our findings in a customized proposal for your review and further discussion, bringing our expertise and knowledge to help you to take the right decision

We Negotiate

We put our great industry relations in practice to get you the best possible deal, be it through discounted rates, concessions or special conditions

We Deliver

Furthermore, we will also be there to support you with any additional requirements you may need before, during or after your event, such as arranging Site Inspections, reviewing terms and conditions of the contract

Since we are remunerated directly by our suppliers, our services come at no cost whatsoever to our clients

At InnSourcing, we believe in adding value to our customers

Saving Time

We want to minimize your time spent researching and following up with hotels. We are your main point of contact for any venue finding requirements you may have

Saving Cost

We will negotiate the ‘best’ possible rates, conditions or concessions on your behalf

Professional Advice

You will benefit from our great industry relations and hospitality expertise, ensuring that you receive the most accurate recommendations for your events’ location and destination


We have also launched a unique loyalty program for groups to ensure you or your company gets recognized with every program booked